MP3 Player Code Generator

Here is the form for generating scripts for online flash mp3 player. You can embed this code in orkut, myspace, blogger, wordpress or any other webpage.

What you can do here:
  • You may customize the color of the different parts of the player. For source of the mp3, you may copy the links from Apniisp, Funrocker etc.
  • You may change the source of the mp3 file (e.g. ). Prefered encoding Bit rate 32kbps, Mono, CBR, Sampling rate 44.1KHz, 22.5Khz or 11.25KHz.
  • Player supports mp3 files only.

Name of the different parts of the player are shown in this image:

parts of the player

Copy and paste the above code in your orkut scrap, blogger posts or in any other webpage.

Flash MP3 Player Demo

Here, I have put some demos of the flash player which you can create using the Script Generator form.

Live Demo of MP3 Player

Click on the play Button to play a song.

Song 01   Song 01

Song 02   Song 02

Song 03   Song 03

Click here to install this player on your blog.

MP3 Player widget for blog

Guys, I am putting here a very simple and smooth mp3 player for your blog in the form of a widget which makes mp3 links palyable directly on your blog while optionally hiding the download link. Code for this widget are based on various hacks of excellent scripts- mp3 Playtagger javascript which has been modified for blogger. Flash player used here has been taken from 1pixelout. Installation: Installation of this widget is very easy. Just click the button below, you will be redirected to blogger's page. Give the necessary informations there if required.

How to use this player: After adding this widget, just put the mp3 links of mp3 file in your blogger posts where you want the player to appear and you are done. You can put this link using following HTML code if you are writing your post in "Edit HTML" mode instead of "Compose" mode.

See this tutorial for free file hosting services where you can upload your mp3 files and hyperlink them. These mp3 links will automatically get changed in an image (on your blog) as shown here:

After clicking on that image, it will change to an image as shown below:

Simultaniously, you will see a payer just below that image, playing the mp3 file which you have hyperlinked. Sceenshot

Click here to view the live demo of mp3 player.