How to prevent content theft from your blog


I was navigating through the internet searching for some chicken recipes. I came to the" "" where I found so many recipes, veg as well as non-veg. I tried to copy the text so that I can refer it later  but it didn't worked. Even selection of the text was not possible. I started to look into their webpage's source code to see how they are preventing the text selection. Very soon I found the script and tried it to use on blogger and luckily it worked. I thought that it should be shared to other bloggers so here is the trick to do that.

Follow these few simple steps and modify your template.

  • Login to your blogger account.
  • Move to "layout”>"Edit HTML"
  • Backup you template so that you can have a copy of it if it get corrupted during the modification.
  • Now search for the "body"  tag as shown in the image below.
no content copy
  • Now replace this body tag with the following code
  • <body ondragstart='return false' onselectstart='return false'>
  • Now it will appear like this

no content copy2

  • Now click "Save Template" and you are done.

Now enjoy your safe blogging.

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Sultan said...

Wow!itz working

सतीश सक्सेना said...

Nice information !

Jazz, said...

thank you! that was useful! ^^

cv said...

Dude, this worked for me..Amazing steps..million thanks..

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